The Temari of this week is Shiba-sakura.

送信者 Shiba-sakura

送信者 Shiba-sakura

送信者 Shiba-sakura

The Temari of this week is Shiba-sakura.
I imagined Shiba-sakura and made this Temari.
Shiba-sakura is a scientific name and "Phlox subulata." .
In Japan, since the form of a flower resembles the cherry tree, it is called Shiba-sakura.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A foundation is white.
A green line.
A pink flower.
The border of a flower is red.

Size : The diameter of 8cm. 3.1 inches.
Weight of a main part : 80g
Thread of a pattern : Silk

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