The Temari of this week is Hishi-Kasane.

送信者 Hishi-kasane

送信者 Hishi-kasane

送信者 Hishi-kasane

The Temari of this week is Hishi-Kasane.
I imagined Hishi-Mothi and made this Temari.
The festival which decorates with one pair of man and woman's doll on March 3, and wishes growth of a girl is carried out.
At this time, it decorates with diagram type rice cake as food given to a doll.
This rice cake is called Hishi-Mothi.
This rice cake is made from pink, white, green, and yellow.

The pattern of Temari has many which used the quadrangle as the motif.
It is told that the mass which measures rice is a square former model.
Rice = food, money.
That is, the wish of not being troubled by food is put.

Usually, this Temari is made from the diameter of about 6cm. (2.3 inches) .
I made this Temari from the diameter of 3cm. (1.1 inches) .

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A foundation is black.
A pattern is made from pink, white, yellowish green, and yellow.

Size : The diameter of 3cm. 1.1 inches.
Weight of a main part : 60g
Thread of a pattern : Silk

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