The Temari of this week is a Yabane-chrysanthemum.

送信者 Chrysanthemum

送信者 Chrysanthemum

送信者 Chrysanthemum

The Temari of this week is a Yabane-chrysanthemum.
Yabane is the feather of an arrow.

A chrysanthemum seems to be seen in Japanese various places.
The feather pattern of an arrow is expressed by changing the color of the stitch of a chrysanthemum by turns.

The pattern of the feather of an arrow is used as a charm which does not allow a bad thing to come near in many cases.

It was believed by the old time that a chrysanthemum was the medicine of a long life.
The alcohol which floated the petal of a chrysanthemum is drunk on September 9, and a bad thing is kept away.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A foundation is white.
A chrysanthemum is stitched in dark blue and white.
A belt is yellow.
A belt is stopped by X dark blue.

Size : The diameter of 8cm. 3.1 inches.
Weight of a main part : 80g
Thread of a pattern : Cotton

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