The Temari of this week is Seimei-kikyou.

送信者 Seimei-kikyou

送信者 Seimei-kikyou

送信者 Seimei-kikyou

The Temari of this week is Seimei-kikyou.
Seimei is Onmyoushi of the Heian age.
Onmyoushi magic he is the person who acted as medicine, fortune-telling, etc. by the teacher, and supported the state.
It is said that Seimei played an active part in the Heian age.
It is said that the stellar pattern was written to the gate of Seimei as a talisman.
Kikyou is a Chinese bellflower.
This Temari expresses the stellar pattern and the flower of a Chinese bellflower it is supposed that Seimei wrote.

This temari makes a lovely sound when it is shaken.
This is because the box into which the bell was put is contained in the core.
It is believed that the sound of a bell becomes a talisman.

Explanation of a color.
A foundation is light-blue.
The leaf of the pine of division and space is golden.
Stars are dark blue, yellow, and white.

Size : The diameter of 12cm. 4.7 inches.
Weight of a main part : 110g
Thread of a pattern : Cotton, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

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