The Temari of this week is the minimum Temari. Asanoha.

送信者 Minimum-Temari

送信者 Minimum-Temari

送信者 Minimum-Temari

The Temari of this week is the minimum Temari. Asanoha.
This pattern seems to be called "Asanoha."
"Asanoha" is a hempen leaf.

Hemp is fast-growing.
From ancient times, this pattern seems to have put a prayer as a child needs to grow up into energy early.

In order to make a Temari, a ball is divided and made in this way.
The feature of an Asanoha pattern divides an equilateral triangle into three.

Although many Temaris are made before and behind the diameter of 10cm, this Temari is very small for the diameter of 2cm.

I think that the size of this Temari is the the best for the strap of a dollhouse or a cellular phone.

Moreover, I think that you may process it into an earring etc.

I use chaff for the core of a Temari in many cases.
However, this Temari is using tissue as the core.
Therefore, this Temari is very as light as 5g order.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A white foundation.
A green line.
It is a yellow point to an accent.

Size : The diameter of 2cm. 0.7 inches.
Weight of a main part : 5g
Thread of a pattern : Cotton

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