The Temari of this week is "Asanoha."

送信者 Asanoha

送信者 Asanoha

The Temari of this week is "Asanoha."
This pattern seems to be called "Asanoha".

Since growth is very early, hemp has been used as one of the patterns of a talisman from ancient times in Japan.
"Asanoha" is a hempen leaf.
Especially the pattern of "Asanoha" has been used as signs that it prays for growth of a child.

I divided the Temari into eight.
And the pattern of "Asanoha" was stitched to eight space, respectively.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A black foundation.
It divides in yellow.
A red belt.
Asanoha is stitched by pink, blue, yellow, and yellowish green.

Size : The diameter of 10cm. 3.9 inches.
Weight of a main part : 110g
Thread of a pattern : Silk, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

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