The Temaris of this week are "Star and Hexagon."

送信者 Star and Hexagon

送信者 Star and Hexagon

The Temaris of this week are "Star and Hexagon."
This is my original design.
This Temari was made the design which piled up the star and the hexagon.
A star seems to be used for a talisman.

A hexagon is the pattern of the shell of a tortoise.
The tortoise is called symbol of a long life.
Space designed the leaf of a pine.
Since a pine also has a green leaf all the year round, it is called the talisman.

This Temari is large at the diameter of 18cm, and about 7 inches.
Casting is very difficult for a large Temari.

If this temari shakes, there will be in it sound with which a grain collides.
Sound comes out of this by putting in a plastic bead into a glass bottle.
In order that such temari may make the mechanism of sound, the core has dual structure.
Therefore, only large temari can be made more than fixed.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
The foundation of a Temari is white.
A star and a hexagon are stitched in red, yellow, and green.
For Matsuba of space, gold is mixed with brown.

Size : The diameter of 18cm. 7 inches.
Weight of a main part : 900g
Thread of a pattern : Cotton, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

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