The Temari of this week is "OBI of a UROKO pattern."

送信者 Obi-Uroko

送信者 Obi-Uroko

The Temari of this week is "OBI of a UROKO pattern."
This pattern arranged the pattern of Thimble of Japan in the Temari.
Now, as for Thimble for needlework, the thing of the skin or metal is sold at Japan.
Many people use Thimble of the commercial skin or metal.

However, the time when these were not obtained made Thimble by itself.
In order to sew the kimono of silk, Thimble was made from silk thread so that neither cloth nor thread might be damaged.

There are few people who tell the handwork of an old time.
However, old handmade Thimble is improved now.
Those who make Thimble as an object for admiration recently have increased in number.

I arranged the design of this Thimble in the Temari.
Signs that this triangle was combined are one of the tradition patterns of Japan.

This pattern is called a UROKO pattern.
UROKO expresses the scale of a fish.
This pattern is used as a pattern of a talisman.

Explanation of the color of a pattern.
A foundation is red.
A yellow line divides a Temari.
Pink, blue and yellow, and a green triangle are located in a line.

Size : The diameter of 3.8cm. 1.5 inches.
Weight of a main part : 20g
Thread of a pattern : silk , Gold or Silver : Synthetic fiber

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