The Temari of this week is a plum.

送信者 Temari Ume

送信者 Temari Ume

The Temari of this week is a plum.
The pattern of this Temari is called "the plum by a stellar stitch."
Although the design of a Temari is in Japanese every place, there is little what can pinpoint an area.
This Temari is called Higo-Mari.

Since the Temari of a similar design had sold, I made.

If this Temari shakes, there will be sound in it.
This is because the box into which the bell was put is contained in the core.
It is believed that the sound of a bell becomes a talisman.

Size : The diameter of 12cm. 4.7 inches.
Weight of a main part : 110g
Thread of a pattern : Silk, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

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