The Temari of this week is a plum.

The Temari of this week is a plum.

送信者 Temari Ume

送信者 Temari Ume

The pattern of this Temari is called "the plum by a stellar stitch."

Although the design of a Temari is in Japanese every place, there is little what can pinpoint an area.

This Temari is called Higo-Mari.

The pattern is made from silk thread.

This silk thread is the thread of the end of textiles.

Usually, such silk thread is thrown away.

I made the silk thread the Temari.

Since the number of colors is restricted to such thread, a design is difficult for me.

Since the Temari of a similar design had sold, I made.

Size : The diameter of 10cm. 3.9 inches.
Weight of a main part : 110g
Thread of a pattern : Silk, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

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