The new work Temari of this week is Kagome.

送信者 Kagome

送信者 Kagome

送信者 Kagome

送信者 Kagome

A Temari, a basket pattern.

This Temari expresses the meshes-of-a-net pattern of a basket.
Kagome is a basket.

Japanese people have used the basket in various scenes from ancient times.
And various patterns have been made also when knitting it.

This Temari is one of the meshes-of-a-net patterns of that basket.

It is called thing "Me" of the hole of a basket.
"Me" is an eye.

There is a guardian deity called Doumeki.
This writes that it has the eye of 100.
There is not necessarily actually it 100. The meaning called many those is expressed as 100.

It has been believed that many eyes do not allow wrong to come near.

Therefore, the pattern of a basket has been used as a charm.

Size : The diameter of 10cm. 3.9 inches.
Weight of a main part : 110g
Thread of a pattern : Silk, Gold or silver : Synthetic fiber

Since my similar goods had sold well, I made this Temari.

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