That DMC goes bankrupt?!?!

I got to know by a certain mail magazine.
It is that DMC which thinks that the handicraft lover knows anyone went bankrupt.
The thread section was good. however, cloth -- seemingly, the achievements of a section were quite bad.
As long as a mail magazine is read .
Many things were written about heavy cotton thread for crocheting.
It is embroidery thread that I do private use.
Although a domestic maker's thread is also used .
The thread of DMC has rich use of color very much...
Although I am making the work for silk thread mainly just recently .
It is not necessarily said that I stopped using the embroidery thread of cotton.
In the case of an overseas company, owner changes...
Although it was heard [ saying in many cases and ], it is also, .
If the embroidery lover who does not know the embroidery thread of DMC is not.
A future whereabouts worries me very much.

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