After that DMC.

Information went into my place from the mail magazine of a certain handicraft store.
Seemingly it is a front that the talk of bankruptcy arrived about one month.
Then, it is although the delay of a little supplies came out.
Seemingly, it has arrived normally.
It is embroidery thread which I sometimes use.
Some thread does not have this color that is pleasing if it is not DMC.
That is, ...
That favorite color stops obtaining...
But he is me who heard that it had arrived normally and felt easy.
I hardly use.
Special heavy cotton thread for crocheting (in Japan, I think that a lover is only in some men) .
Seemingly, there are also many and things referred to as useless with it not being DMC too...
If it is called a race, although the race of Kagibari is generally known well in Japan .
There are many kinds, such as a bobbin lace and a tatting lace.
Since these thread wants to use the special thread which is not too made from the domestic product .
(Although it may be unable to make, the expression of a work is also different if thread is different) .
If it sees globally, a lover will think that he is as it is.
If such a thing is considered .
He is me who think too that the thread of a long-established store is important.

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