Silk thread. 

Silk thread .

Those who know the process from which silk thread is made very value silk thread.

I may sometimes be surprised.

I am writing English using translation software.

I am surprised when Japanese is made into English.

I become the feeling which looked in at the back of the heart of the person who made the language.

I translated the silkworm into English.

The silkworm was expressed as the insect of silk.

This is entomologically right.

However, when only the half showed the thing of a silkworm, I felt.

In Japanese, a silkworm is written to be the insect of Ten.

It is the thing of God in Ten.

I was taught when the character of a silkworm was learned.

If a silkworm is the insect which God gave to man.

Silk is produced by the life of a silkworm.

Silk thread is taken out, immediately after a silkworm makes a cocoon and the cocoon finishes making.

A cocoon is boiled and silk thread is taken out.

And a silkworm dies.

After a silkworm comes out from a cocoon, when the cocoon is used, the quality of silk thread gets very bad.

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