Material of the core of temari-ball of an old time. 

Material of the core of temari-ball of an old time.

I bought the book of Temari written in English of several volumes recently.

It was written that every book made the core of a Temari from a commercial ball.

The book published in Japan is also written that a new thing uses a commercial ball.

My Temari is an old way of making.

I make a Temari, without using the ball of marketing of a core.

According to record, there are those who live in the beach having used sponge for the core.

Moreover, there is also record of having used the cotton of Zenmai.

Zenmai is a kind of a fern.

In Japan, it is used as edible for many years.

The grandmother was using the thing which shaved the tree thinly.

Old clothes have been used.

The mother was using old clothes and chaff.

I use chaff and cotton for the core of temari-ball.

If temari-ball is shaken, there are some in which there is Caracalla sound.

It is told to an old time that nuts and a kind were put in.

Although temari-ball was made as a girl's toy, it is made as an auspicious occasion or a talisman in many cases.

It seems that the kind of the nuts put in into temari-ball or kind was decided.

Though regrettable, I do not know in detail about this nuts or kind.

However, when a girl died, valued temari-ball was buried in a corner of the yard.

A seed takes out a bud soon.

A family looks at the tree and remembers the dead girl.

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